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Welcome and thank you for your interest in JHM INK. This is the personal website of JACK HENRY MARKOWITZ. It is designed to showcase my writing - fiction and non-fiction. For a list of my available work please see the publications page. Below is a picture of the author at a recent party to celebrate the publication of one of his most recent works. Seated in the photo from left to right: Irving Markowitz,my brother; Phil Markowitz, the jazz impressario extraordinaire and my nephew; and the author.

To purchase a copy of :

  • "The Practice and Other Stories and Selected Poems "- Xlibris, 2005
  •  "Stuff Happens or My Life As A Monkey" - Novella - Xlibris, 2008
  • "Bubbie and Zadie Save the Day" - Illustrated Children's Book - Xlibris, 2010
  • "Please Ask, Do Tell - The Collected Poems"- Xlibris, 2011
  • "Pandora's Box - New Collected Poems" -Xlibris, 2012
  • "Last Call For New Poems" - Xlibris, 2012
  • "The Kool Aid Drinkers and Other Poems" - Xlibris, 2013

via www.Amazon.com please see the website link that is provided for your convenience at the end of this sentence (You must type in the full title of the book you are ordering in order to make your purchase at Amazon.com,Xlibris.com or BarnesNoble.com).

Also see http://jckmrkwtz.blogspot.com. All of my books are available for purchase at www.amazon.com, www.barnesnoble.com and at  www.Xlibris.com.  website

You may also purchase my books at any retail bookstore by ordering through Books In Print. Also please visit my blog site at http//jckmrkwtz.blogspot.com.  Thank you for your interest in my website and in my work. Peace and May G-d Bless!