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WELCOME! AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT! Here you will find the personal and freelance website of JACK HENRY MARKOWITZ created to showcase my writing - fiction and non-fiction. Some of my work deals with content concerning a more or less self-conscious contemporary Jewish viewpoint about living the diasporic American experience and some with content and themes simply reflective of the Human Condition and Life in general. My published books are available for purchase. A list of my current published work can be found on the publications page.

You can also get a sample of my poetry and other works if you go to my blog PLEASE ASK, DO TELL by clicking on: http://jckmrkwtz.blogspot.com or www.smashwords.com and search for me, Jack Markowitz. Thanks for your interest and support. You can also contact me at, jckmrkwtz@aol.com.  

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of my most recent books, "The Kool Aid Drinkers and Other Poems" (Xlibris.com, 2013) and "Last Call For New Poems" (Xlibris.com, 2012) please go to the website for www.Amazon.com which is provided for you at the end of this text. You will need to type in the full title of each book that you order in order to locate the book for review or purchase. You may also purchase the books at www.BarnesNoble.com or at www.Xlibris.com (see link on Publications Page):websiteYou may also order  this book and my other works including "The Practice and Other Stories and Selected Poems". "Stuff Happens or My Life As A Monkey"  and "Bubbie and Zadie Save the Day" and "Please Ask, Do Tell" and "Pandora's Box - New Collected Poems" at any retail bookstore by ordering a copy through Books In Print. Also please see my blog at http://jckmrkwtz.blogspot.com. Thank you for your interest in my work. Peace and May G-d Bless.

Do people have to buy my book on the Internet?

No. Readers can purchase Xlibris books by telephone at 1-888-795-4274, fax at 610-915-0294, e-mail at orders@xlibris.com, or mail to:

Attn: Book Orders
Xlibris Corporation
1663 Liberty Drive
Suite 200
Bloomington, IN 47403

You can also order copies of your book at your local bookstore by approaching the customer service counter.